Tanya Igic

Wedding jewellery

All Tanya Igic wedding  jewellery and hair ornaments are available in more than 50 leather shades to match the colour scheme of your wedding . All of  her intricate designs are hand-crafted using the finest quality soft leather, sterling silver and genuine Swarovski crystals, with addition of fresh water pearls.

Tanya Igic’s brides clad in her hand-crafted jewellery are always unique, stunning and undisputedly sophisticated. Beautiful accessories, created uniquely to complement your bridal style and enhance your dress are the speciality of Igic.When you choose jewellery hand-made by Tanya Igic, you will discover distinctive quality and outstanding design. Take inspiration from the following  pictures …For further informations on prices and colours please go to Contact page

‘Inspiration’ is stunning hair piece with an open lily flower with long, slightly twisted stems and a closed lily flower with spiky stems placed on a barrette. A statement piece that will make every bride stand out.Price:£299.00 WB001

‘Extravaganza’ hair ornament  is made out of 40 hand made leather leaves each designed form 11 layers bonded together .Leaves are hand stitched and decorated with Swarovski crystals.Price £350.00 WB026

Your hair is crowning glory-no more than on you big day.Show it off to perfection with this ‘Cala’ tara. Individualy hand made Cala lily frowers are  set in wintage silver cups on silver branches and embellished with Swarovski crystals. Price £299.00 WB027

Six individually made snowdrop flowers set in beautiful silver cups and attached to silver stems. Also 6 additional stems are decorated with Swarovski crystals. Price £150.00 WB025

Small Lily hair pin is handmade out of leather and silver and it is aproximately 6cmx6cm and very easy to grip anywhere in your hair or it could be designed with longer pin to be put in the bridal hair made in to a bun. Small lily is decorated with silver stemens coming out from the middle of the flower. Price £84.00. The Small lily bracelet is handmade out of 3 flowers spaced with fine polished sliver tubes. Price: £199.00

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