Red Leather and Silver Earrings - 'Heart' stud earrings


Red Leather and Silver Earrings - 'Heart' stud earrings

The inspiration for the stunning Heart stud earrings, part of Tanya Igic’s beautiful Heart collection, is both clear and timeless. In this collection, Tanya has created a contemporary yet elegant version of this much loved and treasured piece of jewellery.  The finely layered leather hearts are set in heart shaped sterling silver cups and their simple elegance will suit all ages and any outfit.

This traditional symbol has been used across the centuries to express the idea of the heart as the centre of emotion and particularly love, in all its forms. It is then, the ideal present for any occasion- wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays and Mother’s Day.

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Materials: leather, sterling silver cup

Dimensions: 1cm from top to bottom

 Code: H2E3