Antique Silver Six Stranded Leather and Silver necklace - ' Entwine Necklace 2'


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Antique Silver Six Stranded Leather and Silver  necklace - ' Entwine Necklace 2'

The antique silver Entwine necklace is part of Tanya Igic’s contemporary Entwine collection.

Hand crafted by Tanya from the finest quality soft antique silver leather and sterling silver; 6  hand cut leather strands are carefully entwined with a striking double knot embellished with 3 groups of silver links at its centre.

This striking piece of handcrafted contemporary jewellery is guaranteed to draw admiring looks and comments when worn.

Materials: Necklace: Soft leather strands, sterling silver links and clasp.

Dimensions: Available in 3 different lengths - 18in, 20in and 22in

Code: E2N6